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“In all of our years working with landscaping companies on our yards, we have never received better service than you have provided.”

L. Chasen

President and Designer Charles W. Bowers



Charles W. Bowers
President and Landscape Designer

Solving the seemingly unsolvable design problems has been the hallmark of a design career which began in 1964. The creation of a garden that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for your family’s requirements is a relished challenge. Garden spaces that are different, interesting and serve a useful purpose are often the most difficult to achieve, however, the design exercise yields some of the most creative solutions and gardens of unusual charm and style.

• Over 150 national and regional award-winning gardens to his credit.
• Expert knowledge in landscape construction techniques.
• Expert knowledge in garden maintenance.
• Lecturer in garden construction at George Washington University School for Continuing Education.
• Recognized national leader in residential garden design, installation and management. 
• Past president of the Landscape Contractors Association of MD, DC and VA.
• Regional director for PLANET, formerly ALCA (national association).
• Recognized national leader in business management in the landscape industry.
• Consistently quoted and interviewed for industry publications.
• PLANET (national association) Trailblazer (link) serving as a mentor to owners of other residential landscape companies throughout the USA.
• Member of landscape industry advisory board to the University of Maryland landscape curriculum.
• Business consultant (C. Bowers and Associates).
• Writer/photographer for the landscape industry.
• Recognized artist specializing in impressionistic garden images