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Horticultural Services

Organic and Completely Natural Bee Safe Lawn Care Silver Program
  1. A growth activator to awaken the lawn in the spring.
  2. A biologically enhanced spring fertilizer to build turf growth applied late in the spring.
  3. A mid-season kelp spray.
  4. A bio fertilizer applied in the summer to help the turf adjust to hotter temperatures.
  5. A late summer organic compound to help with root development.
  6. An end-of-season winterizing formula to protect against harsh temperatures.
Ask for complete details and about the Gold and Platinum Programs.

Organic and Completely Natural Bee Safe Lawn Care Program Additional Enhancements.
  1. Gold and Platinum lawn care programs with more features and benefits than the Silver program.
  2. Perform turf area soil test. Late fall or winter perform an application for pH adjustment if indicated by the soil test.
  3. Complete or partial Fall lawn renovation will occur mid-August through mid-October and consists of mechanical core aeration of turf areas if needed, application of compost or seed-aid and along with over seeding with blended tall fescue grass seed if needed.
  4. Spring and/or fall lawn core aeration.
Organic and Completely Natural Bee Safe Plant Health Care Program.
  1. Late Winter/Early Spring Dormant Oil Dormant Oil Organic Insecticide (Foliar)
  2. Spring Foliar Application Bee Safe 7 – 0 – 2 Organic Fertilizer - Patented Biologically Enhanced Fertilizer plus ECO KELP - Natural Kelp Based Bio-stimulant
  3. Early Summer Application (Foliar) Neem Oil Naturally Derived Insecticide – Contact Miticide – Fungicide
  4. Late Summer Application (Foliar) Organic Bio Science Powder - Contains beneficial Rhizobial Microorganisms
  5. Late Fall Application (Soil Drench) Bee Safe 7 – 0 – 2 Organic Fertilizer - Patented Biologically Enhanced Fertilizer plus ECO KELP - Natural Kelp Based Bio-stimulant

Ask for complete details.

Perennial Bed Management
  1. Perennial beds will be visited monthly March through November.
  2. The perennial beds will be hand weeded. 
  3. Perennial plants will be dead headed, and/or pinched to encourage re-blooming.
  4. Stakes and or ties will be provided and installed to help train your perennials.
  5. Perennials and grasses will be cut back during December, unless otherwise arranged.
Garden Lighting Monitoring and Servicing Program
  1. Your 12-volt lighting system will be monitored once in the winter and once in the summer.
  2. At the time of monitoring burned out lamps will be replaced. Lamp cost will be billed as an Extra.
  3. During inspections visible wiring will be monitored and adjusted as needed. Underground wiring will only be inspected if there is a break down in the system. Underground wiring replacement or repairs is not included in this program. Needed work will be billed as an additional charge.
  4. Timers will be reset at the time of monitoring and adjusted to time of day and time of lights on and lights out based on the time of sunrise and sunset.
  5. If you notify us of a power outage or you desire to change the time of lights on or lights off timing we will reset the timer(s) at our next scheduled weekly service visit.
  6. Additional visits will be treated as an Extra.
  7. Note: We do not monitor 120 volt lighting systems.
Garden Irrigation Monitoring and Servicing Program
  1. System start-up in the spring is performed between mid-April and the end of May.
  2. Fall shut-down and winterization is performed between late-October through November.
  3. At time of system start-up heads and values will be checked for performance and alignment and adjusted as needed.
  4. Repair or replacement of heads, values or piping will be billed as an Extra.
  5. The base program consists of the system start-up and shut-down.
  6. Additional monitoring visits may be added to your program for an additional charge. Please inquire.
  7. Irrigation system modification, adjustments and major repairs are offered as a separate service upon your request.
Color Program
  1. Your annual color program is individually customized and specified to suit your desires.
  2. We offer up to four seasonal rotations. (1) Early spring pansies (2) Early summer annuals (3) Early fall mums (4) Late fall pansies and/or bulbs.
  3. You may add customized container/pot planting for one or more rotations. Permanent bulb planting like daffodils can be added.
  4. The timing of planting is based on weather conditions, frost warnings and market availability. In order for us to service your color needs we will need to know your particular color pallet and your acceptable or non-acceptable varieties of annuals. We cannot guarantee a particular or specific color or a specific type of annual since market availability varies day to day during the season. If you desire a very specific colors or types of annuals we recommend you purchase your own and we will be most happy to plant them for you.
  5. Preparation of planting beds and/or containers will be customized to your unique situation. Typically beds are mulched with compost or pine fines.
  6. We offer customized care for your annuals including appropriate fertilization, weeding and deadheading to encourage continued blooming.
  7. Annual flowers require regular watering throughout the growing season, please consult with your GardenCare horticulturist about specific watering requirements for your situation.
  8. Since every program is unique we first need to specify your program in order to price the program each year. Therefore all color programs are considered a Horticultural Service Extra thus billed separately and are not included in your weekly service program.
Water Garden Program

A healthy, self-sustaining pond should contain a mixture of plants, animals and bacteria. Your GardenCare representative will evaluate your water garden and establish a seasonal water garden management program that suits your individual needs. After this is specified you can add this Hort Service to your weekly program.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is customized to your personal requirements. After this is specified you can add this Hort Service to your weekly program.

Deer Netting and Control
  1. Shrubs that may be damaged by deer in the winter months will be netted using black ¼” poly netting.
  2. The netting will be installed after all leaves have fallen from surrounding trees. The netting will be removed from the shrubs in early spring.
  3. Deer netting is customized to your personal requirements. After this is specified you add this Hort Service to your weekly program.
Structural or Specialized Pruning
  1. Your GardenCare Horticulturist will review your small trees and shrubs requiring structural or specialized pruning to develop an appropriate schedule for your garden’s plants.
  2. Small trees and shrubs twelve (12’) or less will be pruned to maintain natural growth habit and appearance.
  3. Shrubs which require specialized pruning (e.g. hedge shearing, pollarding and espaliered) are maintained to your specifications.
  4. Pruning practices include removal of dead or diseased branches, crossing branches and sucker growth.
  5. Pruning is customized to your personal requirements. After this is specified you add this Hort Service to your weekly program.
Pressure Washing
  1. Specified hard surfaces will be pressure washed to clean the area of dirt and grime buildup.
  2. Pressure washing is customized to your personal requirements. After specified you add this Hort Service to your weekly program.

Note: We do not pressure wash wooden decks and/or house siding.

Party and Special Event Service

Having a party or special event? GardenCare can help your occasion put its best face forward insuring rave reviews from your guests. Please inquire.